After Sculptra, you may notice:
  • Some possible bruising and swelling for up to two weeks after the procedure.
  • After swelling subsides, you may not notice any visible improvements for several weeks.
  • Patients will notice gradual, visible improvement over the course of the next several weeks.
  • 3-4 treatments are recommended, 6 weeks apart for best results.
  1. Massage Routine: Massage the treated areas 5 times a day for 5 minutes each session, following the 5 x 5 x 5 rule for 5 days.
  2. Makeup Avoidance: Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours post-procedure.
  3. Strenuous Activities: To minimize the risk of swelling and bruising, avoid vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, or activities increasing blood flow to the treated area for at least 24-48 hours.
  4. Arnica Use: Take Arnica supplements or apply Arnica gel to expedite the healing process.
  5. Hydration: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to optimize the results of your dermal filler treatment.
  6. Follow-Up Appointments: Attend scheduled follow-up appointments to assess results, address concerns, and make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Heat and Sun Avoidance: For the first few days after the procedure, avoid saunas, hot showers, sunbathing, or excessive heat exposure to reduce the risk of inflammation and complications.
  8. Avoid Certain Substances: Avoid alcohol, Vitamin E, fish oil, and caffeine post-procedure to minimize bruising and swelling.
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